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The Extruded Stadium shape is a 3D object derived from a 2D stadium or elongated round rectangle. It features a rectangular body with semi-circles at each of its shorter ends, extended vertically through extrusion. This shape blends the simplicity of rectangles with the softness of curves, creating a versatile and visually appealing form.

Common Use Cases:

  • Architectural Design: Used in stadiums, arenas, and public buildings for structural beauty and functionality.
  • Furniture Design: Applied in ergonomic and stylish furniture like tables and benches.
  • Product Packaging: Ideal for distinctive and efficient packaging solutions.
  • Component Housing: Serves as aerodynamic and space-efficient housing for industrial components.
  • Urban Planning: Enhances urban and landscape designs with its linear-curvilinear geometry.

Design Considerations: Optimal design involves careful consideration of base dimensions, extrusion depth, and material selection to ensure the shape meets functional and aesthetic requirements for its application.

Processing steps (work in progress)
This is a first version of an idea I had. You can add different modifiers to the generated shape. Currently there is only the drilling machine that can drill a whole in the center of the shape.