Cylinder with Hemispherical Cap

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Created by Andreas Riedmüller, 0 named parts, 1 child shapes
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A cylinder with a half sphere on top. It is formed by combining two basic shapes: a cylinder and a hemisphere. The combination results in a structure that is also referred to as a "cylinder with a hemispherical cap"

To better visualize it, imagine a solid cylinder (like a can) with a flat circular base and a curved lateral surface. On top of this cylinder, instead of a flat lid, there is a hemisphere (a half-sphere) seamlessly attached to the upper circular edge of the cylinder. The curved surface of the hemisphere creates a smooth transition from the cylindrical part to the rounded top.
Processing steps (work in progress)
This is a first version of an idea I had. You can add different modifiers to the generated shape. Currently there is only the drilling machine that can drill a whole in the center of the shape.