Hex Bit Handle

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Total height of the screwdriver.


0: No, 1: Yes (print must be paused to insert magnet, plase read description!)

0: round, 1: square


square: side, circle: diameter


A positve value will add gaps for bit and magnet.

Make your own specific screwdriver handle. You can go small for tiny space and/or easy to carry, or you can go bigger for strengh and torque.

Captive magnet

There is also an option to use a magnet. It is specially usefull when trying to reach tiny places.

You can use round or square magnets, i recommend a round one.

You need to pause the print, let it cool a bit, then use 2 or 3 drops of superglue to fix the magnet. Wait long enough that superglue dries or you will have some troubles at restart :P

For PLA users

If the hex bit doesn't fit with after printing, don't panic! Let it cool, then blow hot air into the hole with a hair dryer or heat gun (be careful with the heat gun) and try to fit the hex bit again. Also heat the bit with the hair dryer. Repeat this process until it is properly seated.


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Model on Thingiverse

Processing steps (work in progress)
This is a first version of an idea I had. You can add different modifiers to the generated shape. Currently there is only the drilling machine that can drill a whole in the center of the shape.